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Keeping up with information technology can often be a tough and daunting task. In today's world of consistent and increasingly sophisticated online attacks it's essential for not only I.T. professionals, but essentially all users of technology to have some basic level of understanding with respect to internet data security.

This harsh reality becomes difficult, as our dependence upon mobile phones, tablets and cloud services grows. In the past, due to limited internet access and rare access to mobile devices, individual users had very few ways in which attackers could gain priviledged access to a person's private information. But today, in an ever connected world of smartphones and wearable technology, the risk and available data has multiplied. Nearly every person today with a smart device of any sort lives in a world where personal banking information, private communications and detailed medical history are all available either on a physical device, or stored on a remote cloud server. And regardless as to where this data sits, it's often open for attack from many criminals across the planet.

With these cold facts in mind, it's as important as ever for users to learn about how to best protect oneself on the internet. We live in a world that is becoming more connected every day, in so far that many people are now connecting their lightbulbs, garage doors, baby monitors, and even refrigerators on the Internet-of-Things (IoT). Not only will a potential robber know when you post pictures of your beach vacation on Facebook, but it will become inevitable that they'll be able to potentially know when the food in your house expires all through elaborate internet attacks, making it increasingly easy to avoid food poisoning when grabbing a quick snack while stopping to take valuables.

As much as this sort of full out personal cyber warfare seems like science fiction and implausible, it's important to understand as an individual user, the gravity that accompanies a future where every private detail of our seemingly mundane lives is logged and tracked through smart devices. There is a lot of potential risk involved, which makes it increasingly important to become educated and remain current on internet privacy and security issues.

As such, it was an honor and extremely enjoyable opportunity to talk about computer security, hacking, and our connected future during a Duneland Innovators Meetup. The most crucial key to personal information security is education. Technology moves extremely fast, and it's essential to remain current with potential risks and concerns. Thus, giving a talk to like-minded individuals locally was a great way to hopefully encourage others to take such considerations seriously. It's my hope that with continued discussions in the future, and increased interest and communication amongst technology enthusiasts locally, we can use such dialog to create a strong body of technology literate, security concerned computer users here in Northwest Indiana. And that over time such a group helps to keep fellow region citizens educated and safe.

Cameron Banga | Cyberpunk Hacking & Security

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Posted by Duneland Innovators on Thursday, January 7, 2016


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