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    Herbal Soak, Swirl and Soothe

    People use their hands in just about every daily task. As such, the hand suffers from all kinds of ailments. Arthritis. Cramps. Carpal tunnel syndrome. And just everyday injuries. Besides just pain, the hands’ exposure to substances in the environment can lead to skin conditions, like warts, infections or even burns.

    Whatever the case may be, the Herbal Soak, Swirl & Soothe is up to the challenge.

    Soaking a hand in water is a proven treatment for easing hand pain. The Herbal Soak, Swirl & Soothe contains a basin into which the user can pour hot or cold water. They then stick their hand through a spout for a soak, without the risk of spilling. However, the device goes far beyond just your everyday soak.

    A special pump circulates the water around the submerged appendage. This massages the hand, providing a level of relief with therapeutic qualities that simply soaking does not. And since it’s all contained within the dome of the machine, there’s no splashing onto the floor or on you. It takes the mess out of your massage. Additionally, the cost is much less than an expensive spa visit.

    As previously mentioned, the Herbal Soak, Swirl & Soothe also works for skin conditions. Salt or herb treatments can be added to the tub with the water. The pump then propels the mixture into all parts of the hand for a more even spread than a still water soak.

    Jerome FlemingThe Herbal Soak, Swirl & Sooth was created and developed by Jerome J. Fleming. A lifelong machinist and millwright, Fleming understands the toll work and life can take on a person's hands. He's researched and tried various methods and herbal mixtures to ease his hand pain and treat his skin. The machine he built is the culmination of all those trials, combining the best, most effective methods into one package. Early testimonials agree that it works.

    The machine is already patented and trademarked, and ready to go in to mass production. To this end, Fleming is seeking to raise $25000 over 60 days, and is turning to you for help. Pledges can be made to Fundables, and prizes such as office supplies, t-shirts and even golf balls will be given to pledgers who give a certain dollar amount. Those who donate $110 or more will even receive their very own Herbal Soak, Swirl & Soothe.

    Go to the FUNDABLE CAMPAIGNto pledge now, and this exciting new product could be on the shelves in time for Christmas!