• Mobile Browsing

    The emergence of smartphones has created change in almost everything in the mobile world.  From GPS and shopping, to our attitudes about timeliness (everything must be instant or it is too slow). Smartphones have sculpted an interesting landscape for mobile devices, consuming anything that can’t adapt quickly enough.  


    The internet is one thing that has evolved to meet the needs of its user base, so as not to be overtaken by a rival smartphone service.  The reason for that is because it is the internet, nothing can rival that for the foreseeable future.  The state of internet sites as a whole have changed drastically though.  


    Now gone are the mazes we called sites in the past, they have been replaced by simple homepages that can take you to your destination in less than two clicks.  However, another ugly monster would soon rear its head: mobile browsers.  They provide a stripped down version of a site, which is meant to combat the bandwidth issues that mobile browsers had.


    However, we are entering a new era of super powerful phones and high-speed mobile networks.  This has allowed web designers to be more ambitious in the design of their sites while still allowing them to be accessed on phones responsively.  The new generation of websites are easy to navigate on the mobile browser, while still remaining comfortable to browse on the traditional computer stations.  The best of both worlds!