• Ursula Saqui | Business Analytics

    Do you have a small business that is looking to gain ground in its sector? Deciding which directives to pursue can be as difficult as keeping up with the day-to-day demands that are placed on your team. Ursula Saqui of Saqui Research, based in Merrillville, wants to help you make the decision process easier with insightful data analysis.

    Ursula holds a Ph.D in Marriage and Family Therapy and worked in the field teaching at PUC. While there she grew tired of "seeing good information collecting dust" and wanted to apply it in a practical way. After launching the company in 2007 it became her core focus in 2009. Working with businesses that are in the start-up phase is a passion of hers and so Saqui Research calls the Purdue Tech Center its home "to be around like minded businesses that want to be the best". People are central to the operations of a business, it is vital to understand their "emotional drivers and motivation...[to] get everyone in the organization on the same page". It is also worth noting that she is the Managing Director for the Lake Archangels which provides mentorship and funding to start ups.

    Growing her own business is equally important but she promises that she is "always going to be very hands on" because she added, "there always needs to be personal involvement". To aid in Saqui Research's ability to serve their clients it has initiated te GIFT Program which is an acronym for "Getting It Focused Today". This is an online course and video consulting offering that Saqui has been providing with fair price points that will help them reach up to a higher scale. Get in contact with them to find out how it can assist in reaching your business objectives.