• Halfpint Helmets | Miniature Collectibles

    Summer is not far away now but when spring is in the air, baseballs are too. With this in mind I thought I would share with you a company with a pretty cool product that you can't find anywhere else. Halfpint Helmets is a company based in Northwest Indiana that produces customizable miniature replica helmets. These helmets come in both baseball style or football style. You can pick the colors you want, including a facemask and a helmet strap, and even import your own custom logo to be put on the side of the helmet. The helmets do come in two different size variations, 5" and 3 1/2", and display cases are available as well. And these helmets are of good quality too. The chin straps are made of quality flexible plastic. The helmets are lined with foam just like the real thing. Even the facemasks are made of wire metal.

    These little helmets are great memorabilia for any team. Why not give these out to the little league team instead of trophies this year? These little helmets are something unique that the kids will never forget. They are also great door prizes for team events, or they could be sold for fundraisers. The truth is I think this product has some real potential and that people are going to eat this up once they see it for the first time. This is a product that no one else has. Immortalize your loved ones years on the baseball/football team by getting one of these little helmets. They would  also make a great gift for those diehard fans of the local High School teams in our region. Buying a real helmet would cost a lot of money, but these little helmets are an affordable gift that's still really cool.

    Check out Halfpint Helmets to see what I'm blabbing about. Seriously, this is something I wish I had gotten when I was in high school or tee ball. I had tons of the same trophies every year that have all been thrown away now, but these memorable helmets are something unique that I would have kept around. Go check it out.