• Academic Institutions Series Intro


    The Duneland area is home to many universities and satellite campuses that are growing quickly in popularity for many reasons, including their location and their cost. This blog post is an introduction to a series of blog posts that I will be doing about these sites. So far I have plans for 3 posts in this series. These blogs will be broken down to cover Purdue North Central and Purdue Calumet in one blog, Indiana University Northwest and Indiana University South Bend in another, and Ivy Tech Valparaiso and Ivy Tech Michigan City in the last blog post. So keep your eyes peeled for them. Also, as this develops I might find some other colleges in the area and might add a blog post about them, so be on the lookout for those too. 

  • Academic Showcase: IUN and IUSB

    Indiana University Northwest - Gary, Indiana

    Indiana University Northwest, or IUN, is located on Broadway street in Gary, Indiana. On a 36 acre plot, IUN boasts 9 buildings dedicated to their many degrees ranging from certificates to masters degrees. IUN offers many bachelor degrees in their Arts and Science colleges, as well as master degrees in their Business, Education, Arts and Sciences, and Health and Human services colleges. Because IUN is a satellite school of the famed Indiana University, IUN has the unique capability of offering all the services Indiana University can offer, while retaining the warming atmosphere of a small campus.

    Currently there are a little more than 6,000 students attending IUN. Due to this, class sizes are small and students have more opportunities to interact with their professors. IUN is also very affordable, with credit hours currently costing $204.99 per credit hour. Online classes are also available, as technological learning has been becoming more and more popular every year.

    IUN also offers a Fitness Center, Health and Wellness Clinic, Dental Clinic, and Intramural sports for their students to take advantage of. This is a popular and convenient school for many of you in the Duneland area. I have just scratched the surface of what IUN has to offer. If you haven't heard of Indiana University Northwest before, get online and take a  look.

    Indiana University South Bend

    Indiana University South Bend, or IUSB, is located in South Bend, Indiana right along the St. Joseph River. IUSB is the 3rd largest Indiana University campus which is comprised of 10 academic buildings scattered across 80 acres. IUSB offers more than 100 degrees. Their undergrad programs include Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business, Education, and Health Sciences.

    They also provide an extensive masters program including Sciences, Arts, Business, Education, Liberal Studies, Music, Nursing, Public Affairs, and Social Work. With only 8,300 students attending this university, and a 15 to 1 ratio between students and professors; students get that same small campus community feeling. IUSB is also very affordable with credit hours currently priced at $199.62 a piece. The campus also houses a 100,000 square foot student activities center.

    I have personally been in the student activities center, or as they call it, the SAC, and let me tell you; it is awesome. The SAC contains three full sized basketball courts that is surrounded by an elevated track for runners to use. On the perimeter of the building are offices and racquet ball courts. The SAC is also used to host just some of the school intramural sports, which includes: soccer, volleyball, softball, flag football, basketball, and more.

    Finally, the thing that sets IUSB apart from most of the satellite schools in this area is their student housing. Positioned across the river from IUSB there is an apartment complex dedicated to students that can house up to 400. The apartment complex is linked to the campus by way of a really cool arched bridge. It's a really neat part of campus that gives life and personality to an already very nice campus. If any of these things has caught your attention, check out their website.