• Old is New Again | Antiques & Modern Media

    I want to introduce you to a few businesses out there in the Duneland area that are bridging the gap between the old and the modern to bring in new customers to a set of shopping experiences that might not typically get the treatment. Kathy's Antique Shop in Chesterton and The Bookworm in Wanatah are two antique shops that deal in aged but kindly preserved goods. 

    The Bookworm's collections of aged hardback books that extend from ceiling to floor and antique glass figurines that adorn the tabletops create an atmosphere that takes visitors back to the times from which they originated. These businesses know that their store and the wares might be a glimpse into the past, but their customers are from the here and now. 

    With that in mind, Kathy's Antique Shop and The Bookworm have made great efforts to join in the current trends in technology such as the web marketing as well as social media.

    The Bookworm now has a website that is integrated with their on-the-ground campaigns that store owner Laurie Koselke uses to communicate with her customers. With the aid of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and more she is spreading the word about the shop.

    Kathy's Antique Shop is following closely behind as they have recently contracted Mystic Waters Media to begin rolling out their own campaign. Their hope is to bring in more regional business but also to attract visitors from greater Chicagoland that pass through the town of Chesterton.

    Be sure to visit them online or better yet make a trip to visit these two wonderful antiques store right here in The Region. Click the links to learn more!