• Using YouTube to Promote a Business

    When it comes to businesses wanting to use and utilize social media Twitter and Facebook are generally top on the list. YouTube is often left out of the discussion. It also has the second highest number of online searches performed and is attached to the powerful search engine: Google. There are millions of videos watched every day, in addition mobile viewing makes up almost 40% of YouTube's global watch time.[1]

    The reach and accessibility of YouTube is not to be ignored, I myself when researching a product or company look for a video which provides something more than text. The way companies can use videos to connect with the target market customers gives a particular brand a face and voice. There is a huge potential for a company’s message to reach a large audience. Remember video is a highly shareable format, if you watch something that catches your eye you are more likely to share it with a friend and the chain continues.  With this word of mouth marketing, the content is so easy to be shared within different channels of social media.

    Another benefit of YouTube is how inexpensive it is, many people have a laptop or smartphone. It’s very easy with these devices to create, produce and upload content. Depending on what your business is; a company could illustrate a hands approach to how they make a product or have regular vlogs about changes. Company channels create a destination for viewers. They might be more likely to head over to a website and purchase. Overall YouTube is a great marketing tool for every size business that deals with the public. 

    [1] http://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html